Are you a content person?

Wondering if the Cool Content Coming Soon event is right for you?

Well, if any of the below apply to you then yes it probably is.

  • Your work or hobby involves you producing, creating, planning, writing, editing, filming, designing or developing content.
  • You want to share a content fantasy and get some feedback from people who won’t judge or criticise and who know what they’re talking about.
  • You have a content plan to complete and want to try new and different things, not just the same old stuff.
  • You’re feeling a bit uninspired or jaded about the web and want to hear what’s inspiring your peers.
  • You’re feeling really excited about the web and want to share your excitement.
  • You just fancy a bit of a day out of the office and think that Brighton looks like a nice place to get some fresh air and a new perspective.

Have a look at the About the event page to find out more. Or contact the event organisers at if you have a question or if you would like to be a speaker at the event.

CLOWNS: image reproduced via a CC licence from Flickr user fanfive11


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