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Please contact us with questions or feedback

The best way to contact us is via We’re also on Twitter and happy to reply to your questions there too.

Cool Content events are not for profit events that we organise over the top of our day jobs. We do our very best to make them run smoothly and efficiently, but we hope you’ll bear in mind that sometimes it might take us a little while to respond to you because we’re having to try and earn our daily crust as well. We promise that we monitor the email inbox and Twitter regularly and we WILL reply to any questions or issues that you have.

About the organisers

Tamsin Bishton Hemingray is a freelance content strategist, writer and editor who has worked with content online for 16 years. She is also trying to get a novel published and learn how to be a florist. She comes from Birmingham, lives in Brighton, works all over the shop and you can find out more about her at her blog: contentmalcontent. You can email her at

Charlie Peverett is Head of Strategy with creative digital agency Neo. Beginning as a writer and editor in the higher education and environment sectors, he’s been working with content online for more than a decade. Charlie is also one quarter of the Lewes-based band Small Shipwrecks and habitually tweets about birds.

Daniel Pomlett is the Cool Content Coming Soon designer. He’s a freelance graphic designer with a specialism in design for the web. You can see his portfolio here and follow him on Twitter here.


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