Event schedule

What’s happening when?

Just over 4 hours of concentrated Cool Content just for you. Doors will be open from 1.15pm.

Time Who What Details
1.15   Arrive and get settled
1.35   Welcome and an introduction to the day  Event organisers Tamsin Bishton and Charlie Peverett will introduce you to the afternoon’s events and speakers.
1.45 Peter Stewart MVO The Eden Project and the big lunch Peter was given an MVO by the Queen for his involvement in making the Big Jubilee Lunch one of the biggest community celebrations in 2012 – there were a reported 8.5 million participants. He’ll share his experience and insight of the role that digital content played in making the project such a huge success.
2.10 Jon Munro Content driven destination marketing Jon will be talking to us about his experience at Visit Wales in using digital content to get more people to come to Wales on holiday. He’ll share what he’s learnt and explore how Cornwall could share in Wales’ success!
2.35 Lightning talks A few words from our sponsors We’ll hear from the people and organisations that helped to make Cool Content Cornwall happen about the work they do with digital content.We’ll have speakers from Niddocks, Jarrang and Neo.
2.45 Sarah Wade DIY content DIY content is playing an increasingly important part in the way that B&Q talks to its customers. Sarah will be talking about the role of digital content in B&Q’s communications and also about the organisation’s ambitious sustainability plans.
3.05 Break Networking and hot beverages with our cool sponsors 

Cakes are highly likely. 

Meet the rest of the gang, have a chat, share your thoughts, write down your questions for us to ask the speakers at the end of the day …Or just get a cup of tea and check your emails!
3.30 Matt Simpson Bloggers and brands The relationship between brands and individual bloggers is developing rapidly.  How can bloggers work profitably with brands without compromising their editorial integrity? How can brands make the most of the credibility and specialist knowledge that the best bloggers have? Matt will talk about the relationship between brands and bloggers drawing on his own experience as a football blogger.
3.55 A quick movie A word from our sponsor We’ll share the story of Papadopoulos & Sons – our fourth cool sponsor.
4.05 Michael Blencowe Wildlife on your doorstep Michael definitely isn’t a digital media person. He’s a wildlife and conservation person. But he just happens to use digital content to help him tell the rest of us about the amazing wildlife on our doorstep and how we can stop it disappearing.
4.30 Becky Jarvis Using digital to make things happen in the real world Becky will talk to us about the pioneering campaigning work that is happening at 38 Degrees where she is Campaigns Manager. She’ll tell the story of the pilot project that happened in Cornwall to develop the Save the NHS campaign.
5.00 Owen Wallis Crowdfunding in the UK Owen will give a 101 to crowdfunding and introduce the Cornwall Crowdfunding Project.
5.15 Question time Your chance to ask the speakers your questions Our glamorous host with the most, Charlie Peverett, will chair a panel discussion with our speakers. It’s your chance to ask questions, get feedback on your own ideas and maybe even start a few arguments.The questions #tag for Twitter is: #coolcontent

We’ll also have question boxes circulating around the room so you can jot down anything you’d like Charlie to ask on your behalf during the day and drop it in the box.

6.00 – 7.30 Everyone Drinks and chatting Join us post event for a refreshing beverage and a chin-wag in the bar.

Have a look at our Speakers page for information about the amazing people who will be coming to talk to you at Cool Content Cornwall.


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