How was it for you?

We really want to hear what you thought about the Cornwall event. We absolutely loved coming to Cornwall for the Cool Content Cornwall event. The team at the Eden Project were amazing and made sure things ran without a hitch. The support from Visit Cornwall to help get the event planned and promoted was invaluable. The financial assistance from our cool sponsors (Neo, Jarrang, Niddocks and Papadopoulos & Sons) was hugely generous.

But what really made the day for us was the level of expertise and knowledge which our speakers shared with the audience and the warm and enthusiastic way that attendees engaged with what they had to say. It was a brilliant day. Thank you to everyone who came for making it so. We will be publishing everyone’s talks with audio commentary on Slideshare soon.

Some highlights from Twitter and other social media

Michael's graph was "the best graph ever" according to some. This image courtesy of Nixon Design on Instagram

Michael’s graph was “the best graph ever” according to some. This image courtesy of Nixon Design on Instagram

We had some great feedback about the event and we thought we should probably share it.

First up thank you to the Stranger Collective for this really insightful and thoughtful blog post about the talk from Michael “Myra” Blencowe. We absolutely love the way you’ve analysed Michael’s “tone of voice” and turned it into a useful tutorial for anyone who is trying to understand how to be approachable and engaging. Thanks for taking the time to share this with the rest of us.

In a similar vein, thank you to Adventures with the Black Dog for sharing this lovely video from their dawn chorus walk which was also inspired by Mr Blencowe. The fact that the event has managed to inspire the collection of cool content like this, and more importantly influenced someone to try something a bit different in the real actual world, means a great deal to us. That’s basically what Cool Content is all about.

But Michael wasn’t the only one to get people thinking and talking. All of our speakers seemed to hit the nail on the head with their talks in one way or another if your comments on Twitter are anything to go by. There are edited highlights below, and our favourite quote of the day came from David McGuire who told us that he was pleasantly surprised by the event as “there was hardly any bullshit at all”. (Thanks David – we’re planning to use that to promote our next event.)


Sarah-Leigh looking as stylish as ever on her tour round the project before wowing us with her presentation on B&Q’s content strategy. This image is courtesy of Sarah herself

Amazing time at the @CoolContent2013 conference, getting loads of ideas & inspiration for Leading Women! #coolcontent – @LeadingWomenUK

Excellent speakers at @CoolContent2013 especially @flyjon @Matt__Simpson and the hilarious Michael Blencowe aka @LewesWildlife. Great event. – @barefootmedia

Great day at @CoolContent2013. Learnt so much about digital content from influential people! Will be back next year for sure. #coolcontent – @Lucia_Paulis

Fab speakers @CoolContent2013 today, thanks guys! – @EmsLydon

Having a great time at @CoolContent2013! Some really great talks on digital content. Especially Sarah Wade & Jon Munro. #coolcontent – @crowdfunderuk

Can’t wait to be part of @thebiglunch in June, thanks Peter Stewart for a great talk @coolcontent2013 #coolcontent – @amyrlambert

Share your thoughts – how can we make the next one even better?

So, enough with the back-slapping. What we want to know is how we can make the next event even better. What was good? What wasn’t so good. Who would you be interested in hearing from next time? What topics would you like to know more about? Please share your thoughts with us by completing this very short survey (just 7 questions).

We hope we’ll see you next time so you can let us know how we did on reacting to your feedback.


We can’t recommend the Eden Project enough as a venue to hold an event. It’s just beautiful. And the lovely Med biome served as a welcome oasis of warmth and colour on a grey March day. Picture courtesy of Neo.


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