Cool Content Cornwall schedule is now live

scheduleWe are looking forward to welcoming you to the Cool Content Cornwall event on 22nd March. We’ve now published the full details of the day’s schedule. You can find this on the event schedule page of our website.

The doors will open at 1.15pm and we’ll begin with our first speaker at 1.45pm.

In the first half of the event we’ll hear from Peter Stewart, Jon Munro and Sarah Wade.

We’ll have a break at 3pm and then in the second half of the afternoon we’ll hear from Matt Simpson, Michael Blencowe and Becky Jarvis.

Update: we’ll also hear a lightning talk from Owen Wallis at

At 5.15pm we’ll have an open forum where you can ask our speakers all the questions that have been bubbling up over the afternoon.

And at 6pm we’ll call a halt to the formal part of the afternoon and adjourn to the bar for chat and networking.

Our Twitter #tag for the day is: #coolcontent.

We can’t wait to see you there. And if you know someone who would enjoy Cool Content Cornwall as much as we’re going to, please do spread the word. Tickets are still available at just £25/£35 – a snip!


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