From the archive: Football, blogging and BT

At our 2012 event in Brighton, Matt Simpson, Editorial director at digital agency Zone, described the incredible work his team has done to build credibility in the footballing community for their clients BT.

For Matt and the team at Zone the key challenge was to make an impact in an already crowded  community where individual voices often have much more credibility than the voice of a brand. Especially if that brand isn’t really anything to do with football.

Zone worked to develop a really smart content strategy for BT, building relationships with established football bloggers, fan websites and forums and pundits. And they focused on content formats that really worked in this context. It was quality, quality, quality all the way with this content. No off-the-shelf, keyword-chasing cheap stuff here. Time and effort was invested to find the right stuff, the right writers, so that the audience would lap it up.

The results speak for themselves (click through to slides at 14.30 mins in the presentation above if you want to cut to the chase). An astonishing increase in traffic and the level of sharing and conversation around content. Proving conclusively that by producing the right content, in the right place, in the right format, for the right reasons, you can achieve things at a fraction of the cost of old fashioned paid for media.

Cool Content Coming Soon 2012: Matt Simpson, Helping BT become a football ‘player’ from Zone on Vimeo.


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