From the archive: Personalisation and Visit Cornwall’s website

At our 2012 event in Brighton, Lauren Hogan, Digital marketing and communications manager at Visit Cornwall, talked to us about the work she has led to give visitors to their website a more personalised content experience. Her challenge was to find a way to segment users in a sensible way and to understand what content would be most relevant to different groups of visitors to Cornwall.

She described how she worked closely with her user experience and web design agency to get under the skin of Cornwall’s visitors. They used a series of focus groups and card sorting exercises to help uncover what specific things needed to be personalised in order to deliver content that was the most relevant and useful.

The new Visit Cornwall website which launched in early 2012 now gives users the chance to filter content right across the site according to key variables:

  • Whether you are travelling with children or not – and if you are, the age of the children
  • Which part of Cornwall you are planning to travel to
  • What time of year you plan to visit
  • Whether you have accessibility needs, or are travelling with a dog

Users can filter across any or all of these variables and find content which relates most directly to their situation.

It’s a bit like the way that the best clothing websites allow you to filter what you see according to clothes in your size – so you don’t have to wade through lots of useless pages of things that you can’t buy. In a world of digital superabundance – where there’s often too much content – personalisation on this smart level is a really helpful thing to offer users.

Cool Content Coming Soon 2012: Lauren Hogan, Visit Cornwall talk overview from Zone on Vimeo.


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